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Corporate Positioning


Corporate communications play a critical role in creating and safeguarding a company’s reputation and credibility. i-Impact’s Message Map™ is a proprietary one-day program that enables our clients to identify and develop the most advantageous positioning and messages that resonate with their target audiences and, ultimately, empower them to achieve impact, consensus and consistency.

message map program to empower your busines

Media Relations


We focus on generating media results that build credibility, brand recognition and have a tangible effect on our clients’ bottom-line.

We specialize in deploying media strategies and proactive outreach programs conceived to position our clients as expert sources and to secure editorial coverage in print and broadcast media.



We are strong advocates of the central role that good writing has in influencing our clients’ constituencies.

We offer a suite of writing and editorial services, including crafting and distributing press announcements; writing marketing and website copy; drafting, editing and placing bylined articles, as well as creating content for newsletters and mass mailings.

Executive Thought Leadership


i-Impact Group conceives positioning campaigns and develops key messages that unquestionably differentiate a company from its direct competitors while actively fostering their reputation, and supporting their vision, business, marketing and sales objectives.

develop key messages


Media & Communications Training

We provide media and communications training services to help organizations and their leadership optimize their ability to deliver clear and high impact messages that address in an effective and credible way all significant audiences. Our media training modules are designed to ensure that designated spokespeople:

• Feel confident in acting as trusted expert sources
• Comprehend the core objectives of the public relations program
• Understand and effortlessly articulate the program’s key messages
• Recognize the pitfalls of media interaction
• Streamline their thoughts, speak in sound bites and stay on message during media   interviews.

speak in sound bites and stay on message

Press Briefings, Seminars, Conferences & Events


We partner with our clients to conceive, implement and manage roundtables, Web casts, press briefings, and any other type of events to promote products and strategies, attract public attention, increase awareness and build media relationships.


build media relationships

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