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i-Impact Group focuses exclusively on the public relations and strategic communications needs of investment and wealth managers, broker/dealers, financial advisors and planners, asset managers, financial technology providers and other financial services companies.

Partner of Choice

We are the partner of choice of financial services companies, as our team features former senior Wall Street professionals with actual working experience in wealth/portfolio management, investment product development and practice management.


Our extensive media contacts, comprehensive knowledge of print, broadcast and online press, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry have earned us recognition and respect by both industry and media alike.

What We Do


i-Impact Group devises fully integrated communication programs designed to influence stakeholder groups, opinion formers and that, ultimately, help our clients to build and maintain brand equity. We possess a true and intimate understanding of the financial services industry, its challenges and the continuous evolution that characterizes it.

Our clients value the powerful symbiosis between capital markets's knowledge and communications experience that distinguishes our team. They also regard our ability to create customized and compliance-sensitive communication programs that have a meaningful impact on their business development and client retention activities.

These unique attributes enable us to convey our clients' ideas, messages, product offerings and performance in an intelligent, concise and compelling way that resonates with their key audiences and, in the end, makes possible for them to attain equity maximization and brand value enhancement.

How We Do It

i-Impact Group's long-standing relationships with the financial media combined with an innate understanding of our clients business and challenges empower us to fully capitalize on available opportunities.

We strongly believe that all public relations and communication activities should be conceived and implemented within a clear and strategic framework. We regard our clients' business goals not as static points, but dynamic targets.  With this in mind, we devote the utmost attention to a public relations/communication program’s evolving strategic context.

Our campaigns have a straightforward goal to be instrumental to bottom-line growth .  To achieve this goal, we follow a clear-cut, rigorous and tested three-step process:

Three-Step Process


  1. Awareness — We attain a profound understanding of our clients' business, culture, offerings, vision and business goals.

  2. Empowerment — We clearly define our clients' key audiences and coin influential, relevant and clear messages that penetrate and move stakeholders.

  3. Deployment — We engage in a relentless outreach to media and other core audiences to ensure continuity and achievement of exposure, as well as of tangible results.

    reach out to media with clints'  clear message
Why i-Impact Group?

Four distinctive attributes make i-Impact Group the partner of choice for financial services companies:

  1. Expertise — We combine deep-rooted capital markets, media, and corporate communications experience to help companies maximize their equity and brand value. We understand financial products and strategies, as well as the industry regulatory and compliance rules that govern it. There is no learning curve at our clients' expense. From day one, we hit the ground running.

  2. Engagement — We are intellectually engaged in our clients' world. Our avid interest and ongoing involvement in the financial services industry enables us to deliver informed and thoughtful communication initiatives.

  3. Dedication — Our senior management -- not junior staff -- is actively involved in the creation and deployment of programs, as well as in handling all daily account activities. Relentless execution is the hallmark of our dedication to clients' success.

  4. Balance — We are not obsessed with the quantity of clients we have in our portfolio. We’re zealous about the quality of service we provide.i-Impact Group known for expertise, engagement, dedication and balance

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